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How beautiful to meet people

In the last few weeks, we had the opportunity to take part in some video calls organized by Fr. Alejandro and Sr. Lucrezia for different regions of the world. As part of the process taken up a few months ago, we are trying to meet with the various SDB and FMA spiritual animators and delegates and the lay representatives of the various local ADMA groups. In this way, we were able to get to know and share the beautiful experiences of growth and apostolate in South America, Northern Europe, part of Africa and Asia and other regions of the world.

A sincere thanks to every one of you for your availability to meet us in spite of the technical and linguistic difficulties and to make us share in your journeys, joys and difficulties.

As Primary ADMA of Turin, we are attentive and we want to understand what can help us to grow together in our journey and what we can do concretely to collaborate with the various local realities. Each meeting was accompanied by a document which was prepared earlier and translated into various languages in order to help formation and inspire discussion. The first theme was ‘Identity and Mission’ of ADMA while the second was ‘The Role of the Spiritual Animator’. Now we are waiting for comments, suggestions and proposals from all the participants. There will be other meetings which will be occasions for making this mutual exchange regular and systematic.

It was very enriching to see and share, though online. The richness of our Association, spread and incarnated in different parts of the world just as our Father Don Bosco dreamed it would be, always touches us and makes us happy. It will be even more effective if we can meet in person, perhaps at the International Congress of Mary Help of Christians in Portugal in 2024, or in the Basilica at Valdocco, or in your own countries.

For now, we keep you all in our prayers at the feet of Our Lady in Turin and wish you a joyful Easter.

We look forward to seeing you on the next video calls, reminding you that you can always write to us at

We invite you to follow the news on the website


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