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Don Bosco's devotion to St Joseph

18 marzo 2022


Don Bosco had a special devotion to St Joseph, as the altar in our Basilica testifies, the only one left exactly as our Saint wanted it.


In the entablature of the tympanum the biblical verse "Constituit eum dominum domus suae" (He made him lord of his house) reminds us that Don Bosco chose St. Joseph as one of the main patrons of his Oratory.

Prayer to St Joseph written by Don Bosco:

"Most glorious St Joseph, fortunate spouse of Mary, you who deserved to be made custodian of the Saviour of the world Jesus Christ and who tenderly embracing him enjoyed paradise in advance, deh!
Obtain for me from the Lord a full pardon of my sins, the grace of imitating your virtues, so that I may always walk in the way that leads to heaven. Since you deserved to have Jesus and Mary by your bedside at the time of death and in their arms you sweetly passed away the blessed soul, I beg you to want to defend me from the enemies of my soul at that last point of my life; so that, comforted by the sweet hope of flying with you to possess eternal glory in paradise, I may breathe out pronouncing the holy names of Jesus, Joseph and Mary."

(from: Guidelines for the Spiritual Life of Young People)



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