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"Mary, I give you my heart, let it always be yours!" Saint Dominic Savio

4 maggio 2022


Dominic Savio had a deep devotion to Our Lady, whom he loved with a sincere and filial love. With these simple words: "Mary, I give you my heart, let it always be yours!" he consecrated himself to Mary in December 1854 (when Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception).

In 1856, with Don Bosco's approval, he founded the "Company of the Immaculate", both to honour the cult of Our Lady and to help many souls to be saved. The purpose with which the company was founded was to ensure the protection of the Immaculate Conception by pursuing two main aims: to exercise and promote practices of piety and charity in the name of Mary and to go to confession often.
Members, besides devoutly wearing a medal, had to have "a sincere, filial, unlimited trust in Mary, a singular tenderness towards Her, a constant devotion" and had to be "lovely with their neighbour and exact in everything."

Finally, he advised all the brothers adhering to the Company "to write the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary first in their hearts and minds, then on books and on objects that might occur to them".

In the Company, each member had to look after "clients" who, in their secret language, were the boys (unruly or easily insulting) of whom each member had to become a guardian angel until he could set them on the right path.

When he was almost fifteen years old, in March 1957, nine months after founding the Company, Dominic died, leaving a great lesson for the young people of all times: being in a group is above all to help each other to become good Christians.

Don Bosco, shortly after Dominic's death, asked the young man in a dream what comforted him most at the moment of his death, and he replied: "Our Lady's help".

Let us invoke the intercession of this little, great saint asking him for the gift of his trust in our Heavenly Mother:


Angelico Domenico Savio

who at the school of St. John Bosco

learned to walk the paths of youthful holiness,

help us to imitate your love for Jesus,

your devotion to Mary, your zeal for souls;

and make us too, by proposing to die rather than to sin,

we may obtain our eternal salvation. Amen.


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