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Confession and frequent communion to obtain all graces from God.

1 marzo 2022


First I want to tell you that Lent has already begun and it must be sanctified with good works.

I will give you a means to sanctify these days: confession and frequent communion to obtain from God all the graces one needs.

These are the auspicious days throughout the year!

I do not mean by this that you do rigorous penances, or long fasts. But would you like me to suggest a way of doing a little penance, adapted to your age and your condition? I suggest it to you.

It consists of a fast that all of you can do, that is, to guard your heart and your senses.

Make the devil fast, not committing any sin. Beware of the senses.

Make your eyes fast. The eyes are called the windows through which the devil enters the soul. And what are we going to do to prevent it from entering? Close these windows when they need to be closed. Never allow the eyes to stop in any way to look at things or paintings or photographs that are contrary to the virtue of modesty. Immediately withdraw your looks when they encounter dangerous objects. Another mortification of the eyes is to curb curiosity: never, ever read books that speak against religion, or that are immoral, or even just dangerous for your age. As I have already told you and repeated many times, give these books to the flames, when they come into your hands, hand them over to your educators, get rid of this plague quickly.

Then there is to mortify, to make fast the hearing with never listening speeches that may offend the beautiful virtue, or speeches of murmuring against the third or fourth, Superiors or companions.

To fast the tongue, by forbidding it every word that could cause scandal, always refraining from saying sharp mottos against some comrade, avoiding speaking ill of anyone: in short, never give a speech, which you would not dare to make in the presence of a superior.

Mortify your throat, by not going so much in search of what pleases most the palate, but taking what they give; not to be in the number of those who always desire and study how to have some special food, a few glasses of wine.

You can also do some mortification by patiently enduring certain setbacks, a little heat or a little cold, without complaining.

Do not immediately say as some do: - I will write that you send me this and that from home. - If it is not really necessary, be patient a little, wait, do it calmly, do it slowly.

Not annoyances, not snouts, not restlessness.

Mortify yourselves by bearing with charity and peace some small defect of your companions, some inconvenience either in the dormitory or in the school.

In conclusion, mortify yourselves by not listening, not saying and not doing something contrary in any way to good example.

By doing so, although they are things of little weight, they will serve you penance adapted to each of you, they will not harm you, they will make you reach the purpose for which the fast of Lent was established, they will powerfully help you to overcome bad inclinations, they will make you gain great merits for the soul. Observe the timetable carefully, and especially in this time of Lent. Instead of doing works of penance, do those of obedience. Be punctual in the morning when you get up, in the evening when you go to bed, going to school and church and performing all your other duties.

Good night!

Don Bosco 

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