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Don Bosco's little words in the ear

30 gennaio 2022


Don Bosco suggested to Don Rua: "Try to say a few affectionate words that you know in the ear ".

"The little word in the ear" of Don Bosco, according to the testimony of his pupils, was one of the secrets of education.

Fr Lemoyne tried to collect these little words by questioning those who had been Don Bosco's boys. Here are some taken from his list:

- "How are you? And how are you in your soul?

- ... You should help me in a great undertaking. Do you know what? In the enterprise of making yourself good

- When do you want to start being my consolation? When do you want us to break the devil's horns with a good confession?

- Do you want us to become friends in the affairs of the soul?

- Do you fear that the Lord will be angry with you? Turn to Our Lady, she is the star of the sea.

- Paradise is not at all for lazy people.- Pray, pray well, and you will certainly be saved.

- Are you in a storm? Invoke Our Lady and the stars of the sea.

- Think of God's judgment

- Do not trust too much in your own strength.

- Think of God: you will be better and happier.

- If you help me, I want to make you happy in this life and in the next.

- If you help me, I want to make you a Saint Louis.

- Whoever perseveres to the end will be saved.

- Let us work, let us work, we will rest in paradise.

- Courage! A piece of paradise fixes everything".

What is Don Bosco whispering in our ear today? May Mary, who was his teacher, make us a vigilant response to the Lord's call at all times!

By Teresio Bosco, “Don Bosco – a new biography“

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