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Rejoice! God is with you in your actual life

24 marzo 2022


"God himself is the One who takes the initiative and chooses to come in, as he did with Mary, in our homes, in our daily struggles, full of anxiety and at the same time of desires. And it is precisely within our cities, our schools and universities, our squares and hospitals that the most beautiful announcement we can hear is: "Rejoice, the Lord is with you!". A joy that generates life, that generates hope, that becomes true in the way we look to the future, in the attitude with which we look at others. A joy that becomes solidarity, hospitality, mercy towards all".

"Nothing is impossible for God" (Lk 1:37): "When we believe that everything depends exclusively on us, we remain prisoners of our own abilities, our own strength, our own short-sighted horizons. When, on the other hand, we are prepared to let ourselves be helped, to let ourselves be advised, when we open ourselves to grace, it seems that the impossible begins to become reality".

(Pope Francis - Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord - Monza Park - Saturday, 25 March 2017)

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