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18th April 2022: anchored to the two pillars for 153 years...

21 aprile 2022


On 18th April 1869 here in Valdocco a dream came to life: Don Bosco founded the Association of the devotees of Mary Help of Christians, a sign of gratitude for the countless graces and miracles attributed to Mary's intercession and an instrument to spread devotion to the Virgin Mary and love for Jesus Eucharist in the world.

And the dream continues! Over time, many people have made their own the commitment to live their daily lives by imitating Mary and placing themselves as children under her mantle.

And today, after 153 years, ADMA is one of the 32 groups of the Salesian Family, and under that mantle, it counts more than 100,000 members, in more than 50 countries around the world. ADMA lives, changes, transforms itself through the people and the time it is called to live, taking up the challenges of the moment and renewing its fidelity to the two pillars.

18th April is an important date... it reminds us of our origins, that we are on a journey and part of a river of grace which from generation to generation flows through history. Not a past event to celebrate, but a present to live...

What then is the greatest desire? ... To try to be light, to spread grace and bear witness to what we have experienced: the beauty of entrusting our lives to Jesus through Mary. It is She who takes us by the hand and acts as our teacher in every situation.

We have received everything and we freely give everything to those we meet.

On behalf of the Primary ADMA, I wish you to live this day with joy in your local groups, in your communities and in your families.

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