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6 May - feast of Saint Dominic Savio

4 maggio 2023


Dominic Savio accomplished a journey of holiness by bringing to maturity the baptismal seed, cultivating the relationship with Jesus and Mary in terms of friendship. Pope Francis wrote in Christus vivit n 288: "I want you to know that when the Lord thinks of each person, of what he would like to give him, he thinks of him as his personal friend. And if he has decided to give you a grace, a charisma that will make you live your life to the full and transform you into a person who is useful to others, into someone who will leave an imprint on history, it will certainly be something that will make you happy in your innermost being and enthuse you more than anything else in this world. Not because what he is about to give you is an extraordinary or rare charisma, but because it will be tailor-made for you, tailor-made for your whole life".


In Dominic Savio's life, baptismal determination is amply documented. The resolutions of his first communion, culminating in the radical decision: "Death but not sins" (Vine, 46), are taken up and confirmed on 8 December 1854 - "Mary I give you my heart; let it always be yours. Jesus and Mary be you always my friends! But for pity's sake, let me die rather than have the misfortune happen to me of committing a single sin" (Vine, 57) - these intentions become the substance of her prayer - "Yes, my God, I have already told you and I tell you again, I love you and I want to love you even unto death. If you see that I am to offend you, send me death: yes, death first, but do not sin" (Vine, 90) - and they will be reconfirmed on his deathbed: "I repeat and I say it a thousand times: die, but do not sin" (Vine, 98).


Fr Pierluigi Cameroni





O God, source of all good

we bless you because in St Dominic Savio

you have given to adolescents

an admirable example of charity and purity

and a model in building true spiritual friendships.

Docile to the action of your Spirit

he knew how to tread in a short time

a simple and sure path to holiness,

in joy of heart and fidelity

to his daily commitments.

Help us to imitate his love for the Eucharist,

the entrustment to Mary Immaculate,

the apostolic zeal for the salvation of our neighbour

and grant that we too may grow as your children

in joy and love

to the full stature of Christ the Lord

who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.


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