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Regulations of the Divots of Mary Help of Christians written by Don Bosco

  1. In the Church dedicated in Turin to Mary Help of Christians with the authorization of His Exc. Rev. the Archbishop of Turin, an Association of his Divots is canonically established with the aim of promoting the glories of the divine Mother of the Savior in order to deserve her protection in life. and particularly on the verge of death.

  2. Two special means are proposed: to expand devotion to the Blessed Virgin and veneration to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

  3. To this end, they will use their words, advice, works and authority to promote decorum and devotion in the novenas, feasts and solemnities that are performed in the course of the year in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of the SS. Sacrament.

  4. The dissemination of good books, images, medals, report cards, intervene and recommend intervention to the Processions in honor of Maria SS. and of the SS. Sacrament, frequent Communion, assistance at Holy Mass, accompaniment to the Viaticum are the things that the Aggregates propose to promote with all the means compatible with their state.

  5. The Associates will take assiduous care for themselves, and for the people dependent on them, to prevent blasphemy and any discourse contrary to religion and as far as it is within them to remove any obstacle that may prevent the sanctification of holidays.

  6. Each Associate according to the advice of the catechisms and teachers of the spirit is strongly encouraged to approach Holy Confession and Communion every fortnight or once a month and to listen to Holy Mass every day as long as the obligations of his state allow it.

  7. In honor of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament the Associates every day after the ordinary morning and evening prayers will recite the ejaculation: Blessed and thanked the SS. and Most Divine Sacrament. And in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Auxilium Christianorum, ora pro nobis.


For priests it is enough that in the Holy Mass they put the intention of praying for all the Aggregates of this pious Association.

These prayers will serve as a bond to unite all the Associates in one heart and one soul to pay due honor to Jesus hidden in the Holy Eucharist and to his august Mother, to participate in all these works of piety that will be carried out from each Associate.


(From "Catholic Readings", Year XVII, May, Issue V, pp. 48-50)

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