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Behold your mother

31 marzo 2023



The most splendid proof that Mary is the help of Christians is found on Mount Calvary. Mary overcoming natural weakness assisted Jesus with unprecedented fortitude. It seemed that nothing more remained for Jesus to do to show how much he loved us. Her affection, however, still made him find a gift that was to seal the whole series of his benefits.


From the height of the cross he turned his dying gaze upon his mother, the only treasure he had left on earth. "Woman," Jesus said to Mary, "behold your son"; then he said to the disciple John, "Behold your mother".


And Mary, by her loving co-operation in the ministry of Redemption truly begat us on Calvary to the life of grace; in the order of health we are all born from Mary's sorrows as from the love of the eternal Father and the afflictions of his Son. In those precious moments Mary became strictly our Mother; by becoming our Mother on Mount Calvary she not only had the title of Help of Christians but acquired the office, the magisterium, the duty. We therefore have a sacred right to call upon Mary's help. This right is consecrated by the word of Jesus and guaranteed by Mary's maternal tenderness.


With Mary's attitude we want to enter Holy Week, taking on her gaze, her gestures, her wisdom that looks at everything with the eyes of eternity.


From the book "The wonders of the Mother of God", Quaderni di Maria Ausiliatrice (n.5)

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