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First of all, we would like you to tell us about yourself.

- Where do you come from?

I come from Madagascar.

- Something about your life and your experience of faith?

I am a Salesian priest. I was baptised just a month after my birth. I received the sacraments in Catholic Church. I was a member of an Association in the Church. I wanted to live my faith more deeply and hence I entered religious life in 2006.

- How long have you been an SDB?

I joined the Salesian congregation in 2006 and made my first profession on 10th September 2010.

- How long have you been an animator of the Association?

For two years I have been an ADMA facilitator in our MDG vice-province.

- What and with whom were you previously involved?

Before that I was responsible for the CMB Association. As a priest, I work with those in need.

And now to ADMA.....

- How and where is the Association growing in your province/region?

In our province, ADMA is present in three regions: Antananarivo, Betafo-Antsiabe and Mahajanga. Our former provincial Fr. Armand RANDIMBISOA sdb started talking about ADMA in 2019 and since then, the Association has grown because many people are interested in the spirituality of ADMA.

- Can you tell us today how many local groups there are and how many members?

As I said above, the group is distributed over three regions. Now the adults are more. I don’t have the exact number of members. Approximately there are 25 people who have already committed. The total membership is more than 40.

- How is the Association structured at provincial and local levels?

We are in the process of setting up the organisation at the provincial level. There is the spiritual animator and the local ADMA facilitator. We are thinking of establishing the ADMA council at the national level. So far, every local unit has organised a monthly meeting, every 24th of the month.

- Can you tell us about your journey in the Association?

When I was a student of theology, I studied the life of the Virgin Mary in depth. Moreover, thanks to the training I received in our congregation, especially as a priest, I am familiar with the life and purpose of the Association.

- How do you live your relationship with the other groups of the Salesian family?

There are always experiences and activities together, such as the Salesian family retreat, the Salesian feast and training...

- Looking to the future, what ideas and projects do you have to preserve the faith among the people and promote the love of Jesus in the Eucharist and trust in Mary?

Our challenge is to live our spirituality well and give good witness. We insist on daily prayer and fraternal life. We must always deepen our faith through catechesis and other Church teachings.

- And for young people?

For young people, it is important to invite them to be part of the Association and particularly to learn about the faith through catechesis and various formation courses.

- Any suggestions for the ADMA Primary to continue its commitment to global animation and increase sharing and dialogue among the groups?

In my opinion, it is important for ADMA primary to move forward in its animation and in its communication front. Sharing news is very important and it encourages members.

P. SOLONIRINA Berthin, Spiritual Animator ADMA-MDG


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