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On Sunday, 15th May 2022, the diocesan phase of the investigation into the Servant of God Vera Grita, founder of the Living Tabernacles Movement, came to an end in Savona. Barbara and I had the opportunity and joy of participating and getting to know Vera Grita a little better. Barbara in particular, because she had helped Fr. Pierluigi during the 'process' of listening to and transcribing the many testimonies collected to support the cause of sanctity which will now have to be examined in Rome by the dicastery for the causes of saints.

On Saturday we had a meeting with Fr. Pier, Maria Rita (responsible for the study centre on the Living Tabernacles) and the young people at the oratory of Varazze - the town where Vera lived - and on Sunday there was the conclusion of the enquiry in Savona - in the presence of the bishop emeritus and at the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, another important place for Vera (and also for ADMA!). We concluded with a moment of celebration which was attended also by the Bishop, the whole team who worked on the process, the director of the oratory (which is completely run by lay people) and all the young people, Fr. Playa Sdb and Bro. Domenico Nyguen Sdb who is the delegate for the cooperators (Vera was a cooperator).

We certainly want to share with you the joy of this experience and a brief personal reflection on what this meeting, the figure of Vera and her story inspired in us:

"Take me with you" is what Jesus asked of Vera in the inner expressions. To bring Jesus to others not 'as we were' but by truly being living tabernacles. After all, this is what we should live after every encounter with Jesus and should be the cornerstone of our Christian life, of every form of mission, apostolate or service.

To bring Jesus to others as Mary did, the first 'living tabernacle' in history.

To bring Jesus by looking at Mary.

Carrying Jesus in the everyday events, every moment.

Carrying Jesus alone, not just in our thoughts, our words and our intellect but more in our heart.

Bringing Jesus into the flesh of our lives, our wounds and weaknesses, our relationships.

Bringing Jesus out, out of our boundaries, out of a faith lived individually, intimistically, theoretically.

Bringing Jesus out free from any form of devotionalism, of religious practice as an end in itself.

We seemed to hear and reread between the lines so much of our identity and our journey!

We felt very much at home. We listened in some way to the story of a family person. We felt our charism and our identity as a Eucharistic and Marian group resonate deep in our hearts. We feel that it is something great and beautiful and that in some way - if Mary wants - it will bring us closer and involve us again as ADMA in a path to be discovered.

Barbara and Renato Valera


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