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"Strongly recommend devotion to Mary Help of Christians" was one of Don Bosco's main recommendations which had become a reality in every Salesian house in the world.

Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesian Family, promoted devotion to the Virgin Mary as Help of Christians. "The Virgin wants us to honour her with the title of Help of Christians: times are so sad that we need the Blessed Virgin to help us preserve and defend the Christian faith," wrote Don Bosco to John Cagliero in 1862.

For this reason and as a tribute to Mary in the name of Don Bosco, the website

has been made accessible on the internet since 24th May, presenting a new showcase where thousands of faithful can meet to foster their devotion to Mary Help of Christians by sharing resources, prayers, reflections, messages and other initiatives.

Behind this project is a large group of the Salesian Family from around the world, the Association of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA) and the direct involvement of Fr. Alejandro Guevara Sdb, ADMA's worldwide Spiritual Animator. "This new space is meant to be a simple way to thank God for the great gift he gave us in the Blessed Virgin Mary, making us all children of Mary; It is an opportunity to renew our Marian devotion, received and transmitted in the style of Don Bosco, and also an invitation to gather around her who gathers us and brings us together," he shares about this project which became a reality after more than ten months of reflection and hard work and which becomes one of the places of contact of all the 32 groups inspired by Don Bosco's charism and apostolate. "Mary Help of Christians acts as a link for all those who feel Salesian as this window is conceived," he adds.

Developed with a modern and visual concept, the site specifically puts all the sections of the site at the user's fingertips, accessible both from the menus and from the initial 'slider' showcase. The three sections are:

- Mary Help of Christians and the Pastoral

- Mary Help of Christians and the People of God

- Mary Help of Christians and the Salesian Family

In the first section, various types of materials that can help us know, love and live more like Mary through devotion (celebrations and prayers), catechesis, reflection and art (music, literature, painting and cinema) will be available, to be used on a personal and/or community level.

'Mary Help of Christians and the People of God' will be a section dedicated to the experience of the Church at different levels - universal, regional and local - in relation to Mary, in the economy of salvation, from 1900 onwards.

The last section will devote its content to the ‘Salesian Marian Teaching’, with writings by Don Bosco and his Successors on Marian devotion and studies on the characteristic elements of the Salesian Family's Marian spirituality from a historical, charismatic and theological point of view.

Every quarter, updated content will be uploaded in each section in the form of a magazine, to refresh the various sections and new ones will also be launched such as the one already planned: 'Mary Help of Christians and the Word of God'.

All that remains to do now is to visit the site:


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